About 54footballx

54footballx [54fx] is an economy dedicated to providing a vibrant platform for fans across Africa to enhance their engagement with the game as well as invest in its development on the continent.

Whether you’re:

⚽️ a seasoned supporter of a top-tier club,
⚽️ a fan of your local team
⚽️ or simply appreciate the joy that football creates,

54fx is looking to bring the passion and rewards of football closer to home.
United by our love of the beautiful game, we invite you to join the 54footballx econonmy of fans.

You can expect to find an engaging array of products and resources that will enhance your passion for the game.

From new challenges and competitions, to opportunities for sponsorship and talent development, 54footballx is aiming to establish itself as a premier channel for the growth of the game across Africa.

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